Event & Birthday Organizers for Kids & Teenagers
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L'Univers d'Albert, Located in Rabieh, is a club for children where they can have unique and exceptional fun all day long.
L'Univers d'Albert has all kind of activities that will definitely attract children – two years old and above – to have a guaranteed fun. There, they will get the opportunity to learn and play at the same time.
Some of the clubs' activities are:
Drawing, Wall painting, Dancing, Singing, Modeling, Cooking, Hand crafts, Storytelling, Puppet shows, Acting, Playing, Board games, Computer learning and other…
L'Univers d'Albert is also a master hand at preparing birthday parties & special events. It will just be a day to remember!
At l'Univers d'Albert , a pre-prepared monthly calendar is available

l'Univers d'Albert opening hours:

Monday to Friday from 3:00 to 7:00 PM
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM


With more than 10 successful years of experience with toddlers,
l'Univers d'Albert has taken the desire to expand its universe by allowing youth and teenagers to benefit from the joy of partying in a safe environment
Giant screens & Karaoke

• Wall of fame • Play station 3
• Stroke lights & disco ball • X-box
• Giant screens • Free wifi
package includeZ:  
• Invitation cards • Buffet
• Party host/MC • Drinks
• Welcome drinks • Cake
• Lazer Show • Sparkling fruit juice
• Karaoke • Party pictures on CD
• DJ • Smoke machine
• Confetti machine • Professional cameraman
• Balloon decorations • Bartender show
• Welcome drink host • Themed food stations
• Limousine with driver • Dance shows
• Return gifts • Red carpet
...and much more  


Spa of Starz was created exclusively to meet the needs of girls and to promote their self-esteem.
At Spa of Starz, we offer a tailored spa experience where girls can have 2 hours of pampering beauty session to spice up their lives!

package includeZ:  
• Invitation cards • Buffet
• Party host/MC • Drinks
• Welcome drinks • Cake
• Beauty Stations • Sparkling fruit juice
• Wall of fame • Party pictures on CD
• Pedicure • Professional cameraman
• Nail tattoo • Ballon decorations
• Temporary tattoo • Themed food stations
• Limousine with driver • Return gifts
...and much more  


At Our boot camp, kids will spend hours of guaranteed fun!

It includes entertaining activities such as:
- Team games WHERE children WILL FULLY ENGAGE in physical exercise.

- fun action birthday parties specifically designed for children Aging 5 and above
Our entertaining activities will help children in:
- building self confidence
- developing motor skills
- INCREASING interest in physical activity
- WHILE interacting with peers.

Your children will be having their time of their lives!

Rabieh Bridge - Main Road - Azar Center - Lebanon

Telefax: +961 4 40 28 23 / +961 4 52 38 58

email: luniversdalbert@gmail.com